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Frutas Escobi is founded in 1988 to respond to the growing demand for export of fruit and vegetables from western Almería. Growing under plastic coverings, which began to be constructed in Almería in the 1960s, had begun to spread, until it became what it is today: the largest area of greenhouses in the world.

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From Las Norias de Daza, in El Ejido (Almería), we begin to market just courgettes, sending them to Barcelona, France and the Netherlands.


We make the leap to the United Kingdom and Germany.

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We introduce peppers and aubergines into our product range.

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Due to our growing volume of business we move to our current location, and after successive expansions we have reached a total area of 22000 m², with 6000 m² built.

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Friscobi, the Escobi group’s logistics company, is founded to meet our customers’ haulage requirements.

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We consolidate our work with supermarket chains and double our production volume.

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We begin working with the Russian market.

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We enter the Canadian market. That same year we commit to increasing sustainability by installing self-consumption photovoltaic towers and panels to reduce electricity consumption and achieve greater energy efficiency.

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We carry out a further expansion of more than 1000 m², giving the company a more modern and innovative image.

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To market vegetables and fruit guaranteeing that they are of the highest quality. We do so with
conscious respect for our employees, farmers, customers, environment and society in general.

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To increase the company’s geographical presence, fulfilling our values, and to position ourselves
as a benchmark company in the agricultural sector in all the markets in which we operate, in terms of both products and excellent service.


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Geared to our customers and farmers

We are committed to looking after our farmers and customers and building their loyalty, as they are the main support for our business model.

Geared to our employees

We carry out actions to promote improvement in employees’ conditions: salary, training, work-family compatibility, etc. We believe in our staff and their talent, which is why we work to foster it.

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We work constantly on improving processes so that our final product is always of the highest quality.

Family atmosphere and trust

We try to create the best possible working atmosphere, where there’s a family feeling in the air and the opinion of every one of us in Escobi is welcomed and valued.

Honesty and transparency

Truth is promoted as a basic tool to generate trust and credibility for the company. We work to create an environment of trust in which to promote free access to information, open communication and the participation of all our professionals in decision-making.

Team work

We try to integrate every member of the company into the working group, so that better results are promoted through a positive atmosphere. To achieve this it is essential for the various members of the company to participate in a range of areas.

Brand image

We work to project the image of a sound, consistent company to the outside world, representing our values, paying attention to detail to achieve the impression of a responsible, professional company.


Communication is seen as a basic value, and so we try to ensure that external relations and connections among the members of the company are fluid and open.

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Ethical responsibility

To our farmers and customers, to whom we always offer products of the highest quality; to our employees, whom we look after, always seeking to improve their conditions; to society in general, which we are committed to helping as much as we can; and to the environment, complying with the relevant laws and even going further in some cases so as to continue to preserve it.

Provincial and national pride

We act as a showcase for Almería and Spain. We are actively committed to our province and nearby towns. We believe in our country and region of origin as a mark of quality, so we constantly tell people we are from Almería and Spain.

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It is vital to us that our products always reach our customers fresh and on the agreed date. Our logistics company Friscobi makes it possible for the fruit and vegetables we export to be always delivered on time and to ensure excellence.

Our lorries therefore go through exhaustive technical, environmental and quality controls.

At Esbobi we focus our efforts on marketing fruit and vegetables in the main countries of the European Union, including France, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia, Austria, and Canada on the American continent.

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