Monitoring of all our production is ensured by our technical team through constant analysis in accredited laboratories. The traceability process begins with selecting the seed variety. Each farmer is assigned a code, and all the data relating to production and growing is associated with it by computer.

Throughout this process numerous quality controls are performed and the corresponding records are generated to ensure that traceability of the product is constantly observed and that the system is efficient. We guarantee the safety and healthiness of our produce according to our Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) System.

When the produce is unloaded at our facilities it is associated with an incoming delivery note, containing a number which coincides with the farmer’s traceability number, the date and time, the farmer’s.

name or code and the farm of origin, type of produce, variety, number of packages, kilograms, expected storage temperature, type of packaging and corresponding quality programme. This delivery note accompanies the pallet from entry to finished product and serves to identify the origin of the produce at all times.

After the produce has been handled, the outgoing pallets are identified with a board containing all the traceability data associated with it. In addition, every box is individually marked with its corresponding traceability number.

Finally, an outgoing delivery note is generated, containing the data identifying the product. The data on these delivery notes are computerised so that the shipping documents are accurate, legible and complete and are protected against falsification or loss, and lead unequivocally to the origin of the product.

Frutas Escobi S.L.


We are part of the richest region in Europe in fruit and vegetable production and we are proud of it. Almería is an indisputable leader in worldwide fruit and vegetable production, for both the variety and the quality of its produce.

The Almería model is a hallmark of quality in itself, but in addition, at Escobi we guarantee excellence in our products and services internationally. We are endorsed by the standards laid down in the following certifications: GlobalGap with its GRASP social module, BRC, LeafMarque, Producción Integrada, Producción Ecológica and Field to Fork.

The Quality Department takes care of guaranteeing the agrifood safety and traceability of all our produce.

The Technical Department advises our farmers on proper compliance with quality certification standards.


Escobi is a company that has pioneered the practice of the integrated struggle, a task it has been pursuing for more than twenty years. The integrated struggle is a set of ecological and economic measures that focuses on pest control in farming, prioritising the use of natural tools, such as auxiliary insects and plant strengtheners, and minimising the use of chemical products.

In 1996 Escobi began to develop Integrated Production projects through the Farmers’ Associations for Integrated Treatments in Agriculture (ATRIA) and in 2006 it created the Integrated Production Group (API), currently still in operation, with the aim of enabling producers to participate in subsidy programmes and certify the quality of their products.

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